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Life Onboard

cargo ship

From sunrise to sunset you are able to do whatever you fancy in the tranquility of open ocean. The world is completely open to you!  

You can spend your mornings having a work out in the onboard gym, then in the afternoon - relax. Lie down in the sun and read a good book or perhaps just watch the world go by.  

In the evenings you can enjoy the companionship of your friendly crew and fellow passengers in the bar/lounge areas. You will have a common interest in the sea and travel and will never be short of conversation. The atmopshere is informal and relaxed.  

Worried about boredom? On ships of such size there is always something new to investigate and learn about. Your officers and crew will enjoy sharing their workplace and knowledge of the sea with you. Ever wondered what the engine room looks like? Want to watch a Captain and his Crew at work?


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The Greener Way to Travel

carbon footprints

Whether a Cargo ship has 1 or 101 passengers onboard, it will still sail and use just as much fuel, making your journey almost completely 'carbon neutral'.

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