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Europe to South Africa (ZYL)

Antwerp (Europe) - Cape Town (Africa)

Approx 22 Nights, From only 1975pp

Port rotation:

Hamburg, Germany  -  Antwerp, Belgium -  possibly Immingham, United Kingdom - possibly Lisbon, Portugal  -  Walvis Bay, Namibia -  Cape Town, South Africa -    Durban, South-Africa - Richards Bay, South Africa - Durban, South-Africa - Cape Town, South Africa - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Hamburg, Germany

Vessel facilities:

Container vessel, shipping company: German, build: 1997, size of vessel: 34500 tdw, length: 187,4 m, width: 26,7 m, voltage: 220 V. appointments: air condition, pool outside, dvd/tv. board currency: EUR  age limitation 0 / 80

Passenger accommodation:

"Owner" cabin: shower/wc. 2 single beds, desktop, sofa, refrigerator.. TV & DVD, radio. Location: Captain´s deck. View from livingroom can be restricted, open view, from sleeping room to the side.


Booking agent for Independent ship owners of various vessels and routes

Age limits vary for different Ship Owners - please check!


Various coastal feeder container ships

* Maximum passenger age - 75 years old upon return.

22 Nights | Antwerp (Europe) - Cape Town (Africa) | £1975pp (2 Sharing)

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